She's the cow but he's the mad one! See 'Reuben & Bó' on RTE Junior every day!

They make mad inventions, invent funny games and usually end up destroying their shop in the process! It's cartoon slapstick but with Reuben being beaten up by his furry friends! Out of all the kids' magicians - imagine having this one for your child's party!

his slapstick take on the world around us captures the silliness of everyday life. The perfect start to every morning
— The RTE Guide

Reuben is also the creator and host of 'Neverbored' - the tv show where bored kids shout for him to come and help them. He magically appears and creates games out of whatever items they can find. Hilarious, high-energy fun for all!

He is also the creator and star of 'Ready Steady Reuben!' - 150 episodes of purely physical comedy where he never speaks!