Comedy Magic for Teens & Tweens

Like nothing they have ever seen...

Comedy magic for tweens and teens: Reuben the Entertainer

Got some tweens or apathetic teenagers you need entertained?

Ah the joys of an audience that doesn't want to be thereā€¦

Don't waste your money on Punch & Judy, clowns, balloon-modellers or the usual kids' magicians - that ain't gonna cut it with this crowd. Close-up magic and messing with the audience is his game.

There's only one person in Dublin for the job - get Reuben! He knows what he's doing and he's been performing since before he was a teenager himself!

he has that subversive edge that makes him a big hit
— The Irish Times
Magic entertainment for teens: Reuben the Entertainer

Reuben's show for teens is a mixture of joking with the crowd and street magic.
Robotic movements and a razor-sharp wit keep the audience on their toes and nobody will feel embarrassed.

Entertainment for teens: magic by Reuben

After years of performing stand-up in Dublin and all around Ireland, Reuben is well-used to heckles and after decades of entertaining kids, he has created a show that's suitable for teens: not babyish yet non-offensive. He has entertained teenagers in secondary schools all over Ireland - Reuben has no fear!

Cool magic for teens: Reuben the Entertainer

Whether he's assigning nicknames or teaching them magic they can perform for their friends,
Reuben is the only choice for your teen event.
Unique. Different. Cool.