My aunt was horrified at what my son wants to be when he grows up.

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Parents have hopes and dreams for their kid - however this can vary wildly from what goes on in the mind of a child.

We had a family gathering recently and my son Ripley, who's six, was sitting beside my aunt. She turned to him and asked 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' He paused to think for a few moments and said 'I've been giving that a lot of thought recently - I think I'd like to be a bad guy.'

My aunt just stared at him, somewhat confused, 'A what?' she asked. 'A bad guy, you know, I'll make plans to do bad things' he said, matter-of-factly.

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She was completely bewildered by this and even tried to talk him out of it whilst my wife and I just smiled. He had recently seen Despicable Me 3 which features a 'bad guy' named Balthazar Bratt: he's a child star on TV show where he was a 'bad boy' but the actor refuses to accept that he is no longer on TV and still acts as if he is a bad guy - despite balding and living in the 80s mentally.

If you want my advice I would not take anything too seriously that your child says for quite a while - they generally change their mind quicker than their socks. I've had kids shout at me during my live shows that I'm boring and then ten seconds later say that I'm amazing so I'm well used to their changeability.

So my son's future plans are not quite as bad as my aunt imagined. Although I will throw him out of the house if he grows a mullet.

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